About Us

Shepmatic Technologies is a 100% black owned small business that was started by Orapeleng Shepherd Mathe in 2015 in TAUNG in the North West Province.

We provide various services to the local municipality and private sector. We aim to deliver these services at a reasonable cost while creating employment and upliftment opportunities in the community.

The business will thrive on the fact that we will create a rapport with you, our clients. We know that great service means you will gladly refer business to us. Orapeleng is a hands-on leader and has extensive experience in business management.

We pride ourselves that we are exceptionally good at our work and keep our clients satisfied with the services.

We believe in life-long learning, of both employees and the management. We strive to make sure that our entire staff complement will gain practical skills in the field that they are involved in. This is one of the indicators that are listed on Broad-Based Economic Empowerment Charter

We have adopted fast and efficient service delivery as strategy to attract and retain our clients. We monitor all our work and processes to reflect service of highest standard.


To be a well-managed company that strives to empower the previously disadvantaged communities through skills transfer, whilst providing reliable and efficient services to their customers and improve their bottom line.

Mission Statement

We aim to;

  • provide reliable and cost-effective services to our customers to improve their bottom line.
  • To provide customers with excellent service on a range of products and services that are cost-effective and convenient.
  • To earn the trust of all our customers through committed and caring service.
  • To continually improve our services to suit the requirements and convenience of their customers.

Our Clients